User Lifecycle Management - Block User autom. after a selected ammount of days

Hello community,
I have a question about the nextcloud.
Is there a module for nextcloud that I can use to run user lifecycle management?
I would like to enter a maximum lifetime for the users, similar to “file retention”. Create user account, after e.g. 180 days this account will be automatically set to inactive or blocked.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

I think it is not possbile. I do not know an app. Also i do not know if there are automatisms.

But there are some occ-user-commands but which rather do not help you.

Maybe you can use a hack. Maybe you can group users together in Nextcloud groups with names e.g. spring, summer, autumn, winter and use to list occ-group-commands and delete in spring all users from group autumn. :grinning:

have you tried that app already?

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Sorry guys,
i just updated my nc from V23.0.2 to V25.0.4.
I will have a look with this Version.