User-friendly Editor at least for Deck Pls

Just posted here:
Integrate Nextcloud Text as a markdown editor 路 Issue #1561 路 nextcloud/deck (

Would You support this?

Pls don鈥檛 waste time with the editor!
we have 05/2021!

It鈥檚 mandatory to have a User-friendly editor as I have no rocket scientists in my team! (maybe I鈥檓 not The only one?)
Its also mandatory to be able to insert screenshots for productive Description!
Without having to tinker around to get finally a meaningful description
This is killing the creativity on the task to-do!

Why not take an editor like This here on GitHub?
If one does not need the features he will simply not use it!
Give them the opportunity to edit the displayed features like e.g. in different Joomla editors.
As described above if you want to take care of your markdown junkies look at the editor on Reddit
simply switch to markdown or not.

And pls. Hurry up with your decision (There are plenty of other fish in the sea - e.g. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers (
a lot of Free Self-Hosted alternatives are already perfect in managing kanban with user-defined fields & subtasks etc.
They can easily be implemented in Nextcloud via External sites.

Further pls. Do not ignore the fact that Deck & Tasks still don鈥檛 work together well and 2 apps are needed just to have the functionally of a list view of deck cards & maybe subtasks if working!

What do you think?

Pls. Feel free to explain if you disagree!

  1. Your comment adds no new information or pushes the topic forward in anyway
  2. It uses offensive language ("[鈥 your markdown junkies [鈥")
  3. It is Off-Topic (The integration into the Tasks app is not topic of the markdown editor)
  4. It is a cross post of the exact same comment you put at the GitHub issue.

Honestly I see no value or valuable contribution, but stiring around and ranting.

PS.: It makes me really sad to spend all the time to answer all your questions as detailled as possible and explain how important it is to actually contribute to projects with more than demands and then read destructive posts like this.

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Sorry I just want to point out the urgent need of a user-friendly editor at least in Deck.

Not to waste time in implementing an editor that cannot handle screenshots etc.

Was it the wrong issue to post to on GitHub.

I also posted here because I wanted also reaction here in the forum on this idea.
Because I though not everyone in this forum is checking GitHub issues.

Sorry- But I have seen posts where authors name themselves as Junkies in connection with markdown and command line.
Or e.g. here:
Editorial f眉r iOS: Gro脽artiges Blogging-Tool 鈥 Psychiatrie to go
Or on GitHub others here:
Search 路 Junkies (

If you think it鈥檚 annoying, feel free to delete it.

PS: Your answers and patience with me helped allot understanding what鈥檚 going on in Nextcloud THX

@Witzker You have several options if you don鈥檛 like a specific OSS product:

  1. use another product
  2. make the desired changes yourself and create a pull request
  3. fork it and make the desired changes yourself
  4. if you can鈥檛 do 2 and 3 by yourself, spend money and hire someone to do it.
  5. spend money and use a commercial product, where you have no influence on the development. But you have spent money and bought therefore the right to be upset, if something doesn鈥檛 work the way as you want it to :wink:
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THX for Your Info

What do you think of the suggested improvement?
Pls see also update on Github

There you can better understand what I mean!

I think Markdown is great and should be preserved. Markdown does not exclude having a WYSIWG editor.

For me an ideal Markdown editor should have鈥

  1. a pure WYSIWG editor with a toolbar like the editor has in this forum. The Nextcloud Text App already has that.
  2. a plain text view, for the people who want to write directly in Markdown syntax.
  3. A split-screen view, where you can write in Markdown on the left and see the rendered version on the right.

Users, who need more features, like a full blown word processor offers, should imho use Collabora, or OnlyOffice.

But I would be already happy, if the existing Text App would render Markdown correctly鈥 In code blocks for example, it always adds a blank line. But that鈥檚 another topic, and I believe there is an Issue on GitHUB already regarding this鈥