User File / Folder permissions

Hello, maybe the community can help :slight_smile:

the admin creates a Folder structure that is shared with the users
We want the users to be able to create and delete files within these folders but not to be able to rename or move the folders… also users should not be able to create folders…

anyone know if and how this is possible ?


Group folders app has the feature you want. →

Yo must use the feature Group folders.

In the settings (https://cloud.server.tld/settings/admin/groupfolders) you must activate Advanced Permissions for the group. Then you can in the app Files in details on the right and Sharing set advanced permission rule. You can set for the group read, write, create, delete or share.

I think that is not possible. “Create and delete”? Then the user can “delete” and “create” with new name" and this is something like “move”. But the fault lies less with Nextcloud than with your approach. You can use write permissions to restrict users to folders or subfolders. This should be sufficient.