User data visibility

Nextcloud version : 28.0.3

Hi everyone. I tried to install the E2E App for side to side data encryption but it is not among the available apps. Do I have to install it manually? And if so, what is the procedure?

One more thing, the installation includes an outdoor space on Hetzner. If I assign the same folder to two users, both can see each other’s documents ok, but both can read each other’s documents! How is it possible? Shouldn’t users only be able to read their own files?

If you connect to this external storage as the same user, it cannot make this difference. You could share for each of them a different subfolder, …

You install E2E encryption app, then you can activate and use encryption on the client on the folders you want.

Thanks for the replies!

I managed to enable end-to-end encryption. I uploaded two documents from the mobile app. I connected to the user’s folder via ssh to check if the uploaded files were encrypted or plaintext and to my surprise I found that they are plaintext. How is it possible? When E2EE is active, shouldn’t all files that are loaded by the app be encrypted?