User connected several times

I’m using Nextcloud (28.0.1) in Docker, with CODE.

When editing a document, my user appears to be connected several times on the same document (in the top-right corner of the interface, in the area where it shows who is currently editing the doc). The longer I work on a document, the more “user me” work with me…
I’m not sure that it happens when the doc goes idle and NC/CODE needs to reconnect.
I must say I often have Nextcloud open in several tabs, for different apps or docs.

Has anyone come across this issue ? Does anyone know how to solve this ? Where should I look ?

usually this doesn’t happen. I remember this in the past when there was some problem with my installation by I don’t recall the reason. I would double check your CODE is published in a right way, especially websockets are reacheable. maybe a look in the browser console (F12) helps you to spot the issue.