User cannot share files or folders within a group folder

Hey all -

I’ve got a user who is unable to externally share files or folders within a group folder. It’s strange, because he is an admin of the group which the folder is shared with, and ANOTHER user who is ALSO an admin of that group, CAN externally share files and folders in the group folder (and they really both need to be able to). I’m at a loss. Both of their accounts seem identical, resharing is enabled, and there’s nothing that I can see that would forbid him from being able to do this. :confused:

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Did you fix that issue? We’ve got the exact same problem right now.

I wish I could say that we did, we just ended up working around it by communicating usage to our users. Group Folders seems to kind of muck up about how Nextcloud works, sooo we pretty much have everyone who needs access to Group Folders to simply have an account on our instance. We have a public-internet-facing Nextcloud instance that our partners and vendors use to exchange schematics and test results with us, so we pretty much just have all of them with accounts.