User Access Control by IP

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I have one request which I hope you will consider for access control. I am fully aware of Restricting login to IP Addresses - .

Would it possible to restrict each or certain users to only access their documents from a specific IP address due to sensitivity of information?


That’s not possible and also not planned. You should better think about using a second factor to secure your data access, then trying to restrict it to specific ip addresses :wink:

Thanks for the feedback j-ed - will do.

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Actually @j-ed you have file access control. Where you can specify access by remote ip if you like.

That way you can have 2fa enabled for all accounts but extra sensitive info can be restricted to only be opened by users at the office, but they can edit everything else if they are working from home or on trips.

See screenshots.


This way some files can be open and some can be resitricted. But you can still login.

You’re right, I was only focused on the core functions and missed that specific app. Nevertheless pinning access to a fixed ip address seems to be counter-productive from my point of view, especially if you have to administer many users.

It is yes :slight_smile: but can be effective if you only have one group of users and one tag tied to one ip.

That way restricted docs can only be accessed by the product designers group from the office. Then it is just to add the user in the right group.

But if you don’t plan the rules it will be a complete mess :slight_smile: and hard to work with.

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Thanks Guys, I am understanding it now - will look at it and structure it accordingly.

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