Useful Trick: Nextcloud and French hosting 1&1 how to avoid the limit

I installed Nextcloud on shared hostings at 1& and everything worked fine for nearly a year
Until one day I couldn’t upload anymore stuff

I called 1&1 and they told me I reached the limit
The plan I’ve got said it was “unlimited weh hosting space” but in fact they meant maximum 2TB data and not more than 262.000 files

I still had a long way to reach the 2TB
But I hit the 262.000 files ! :open_mouth:

That’s quite a number
I looked into my files and it appeared a lot of them were from backups Nextcloud created

I managed to delete nearly 100.000 files just by connecting through FTP and Filezilla :

  • nextcloud/data and then delete old backup versions I didn’t want anymore in theses files :
  • ownbackup
  • updater-ocdataXXXX (XXX is your number I presume)

Some version backup contained more than… 20.000 files !

I will surely come back now that I know to erase previous backups, letting only the last one in

QUESTION : If someone knows how to program Nextcloud to do this automatically, I would be happy to hear it ! :wink:

Thanks Nextcloud, keep up the good work !

You can disable the versions app and the deleted files app.

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that calls for a cron job…

better solution would be if ownbackup-app would offer a option on how to keep backups (how long, how much, etc) and updater could purge automatically everything after successful installation

To advertise something as “unlimited” but still limiting it anyway, is this still allowed?


Yes it is legal because they say it within their General Terms and Conditions when you buy the product… ^^

Thanks for you answers, I dealt with ownbackup and Versions apps and it seems to work

For safety reasons, instead of removing versions and deleted files app, I would better enable/reduce the retention time:

Nice would be as well a maximum amount of versions for each file, but a max time might also keep the amount in borders.

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