Use wordpress accounts to log into Nextcloud

I have a Nextcloud AIO instance and a Wordpress instance on the same server and was wondering how I can either link the nextcloud account to their wordpress account or use their wordpress account to log into Nextcloud.

So to go a little deeper into this, My customers make wordpress accounts when they use my website. but I just added Nextcloud as I handle a lot of documents and want the ability to have clients files on a drive instead of a local computer. I want them to not have to make another account for my nextcloud server to be able to use the libresign feature nor the approval feature. I want to either create the account for them and link it to their word press accounts so when they sign into my website it would sign them into nextcloud as well. Or use their wordpress account to log into nextcloud when they log into my website.

Nextcloud supports login using existing identity provider via OpenIDConnect, SAML, LDAP backend etc…otherwise Nextcloud could act as OpenIDConnect/OAuth2 IdP… depending on your requirements you can the one or another way could be better. If you plan to add more applications to your systems you might want to install dedicated OIDC IdP like Authelia, Keycloak etc…

Following apps should give you good overview what is possible in regards of external authentication:

Thank you but when i look into them, they seem to make me create accounts for my customers, i would like to have the ability for the customer to create their own which would allow them to gain access to wordpress, nextcloud and my instances.

the accounts most be created somehow… the process when the end user creates the account as self-service often called “registration”. if you spend little time with the docs you discover Keycloak supports registration and even IdP delegation which both might address your demand. I’m sure other IdP have similar features. Nextcloud supports user registration as well (with guests app?).

I think the app Registration is useful. The app Guests in this case not. Or use a connector.