Use task and deck app as different interfaces to task data

This is just an idea or a question. Currently cards created in the “deck app” appear as task with subtasks in “task app”.

As i understand, both both apps do not use the same underlining data structure (i guess different tables). My question is, why don’t combine these and make both apps act as an interface to one data source - tasks. Actually, a kanban board is just a way, to show task according to their status, so it shows tasks just in a different layout than the well known nested list layout.

Here just an idea how to relate properties:

Tasks <-> Deck

Start <-> ()
End <-> due date
calendar <-> ()
status <-> column (list)
priority <-> ()
category <-> tags
() <-> user
finished <-> archived
() <-> attachements
() <-> comments
() <-> activities
both missing: recurring feature

For nested tasks, therefore a task with a subtasks could be interpreted by deck as a board with tasks. That would result in “nested boards”. This makes sense to me, as it depends at which level you organize yourself e.g. I got the overview of different projects of which each has assigned users and jobs - then each project is a board with different jobs, these have again multiple tasks where again a board per job makes sense.

That way, you could use Deck and Tasks interchangeable, dependend what you prefer and what makes more sense in overviewing tasks in a situation.