Use synology user folders as user folders in NC

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I looked through the forums, but did not really found an up to date thread (or any really) that would help to wrap my head around the following issue:

I have a Synology DS918+ and copied all my data onto it. This resulted in three main areas, two dedicated to my NAS users and one shared for both of them. After playing around with the Synology apps, I have to say that I am underwhelmed. Hence, I’d like to set up Nextcloud as the UX, so to speak. Here’s what I’d like to do. Set up Nextcloud using Webstation on the NAS. Create two users in NC and have them use the existing folders on the NAS as their home folders. Now, I’ve read that per default NC stores the user data in /var/nextcloud and does not typically support this use case. I also read about workarounds using the external storage app of NC (as described here:, using the external storage as root folder.

I am not sure however, what is the right approach here. Also, as there already is data on the NAS, I need to be sure I won’t overwrite anything setting this up. Hence, I was hoping somebody has a similar setup in place and would be able to provide a solution.

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