Use Phonetrack with QGIS - Json to Geojson or CSV conversion


we set up a PhoneTrack in our Nextcloud instance and were able to connect with a Traccar client.

I’d like to visualize the data in QGIS.

Right now I see the following possibility:

Use the json output, query it in regular time intervals and write a python script that converts json to csv or geojson

Are there any easier ways to achieve this? I think the auto file export works only daily, else I could use the gpx for monitoring the location.

Any suggestions or something I overlooked?



I finally wrote a python script to convert json to csv and import this into QGIS. This did what I wanted to achieve - I take the json output from phonetrack, download it in a certain intervall, convert it to csv and tell qgis to look for any updates of the file using the “watch file” function of QGIS.