Use owncloud client with nextcloud 10?


I was waiting in nextcloud 9.0 for a ubuntu client before upgrading to nextcloud 10. Is it necessary or will owncloud client work ok with nextcloud 10?

By the way, would it be hard to create a ppa with nextcloud client? I have to deploy the app in a small office and I would appreciate a simple way of installing and upgrading.



You can use the ownCloud client for the time being, unless the icons/images annoy you.
Currently we only replace images in our client.


How long will it be possible to use the owncloud clients with nextcloud? Is there any plans or roadmap for incompatible changes and/or any plans how long owncloud clients will be guaranteed to work?


I am looking for the same answer. I just upgraded from Owncloud, running Nextcloud 11 and still using the latest Owncloud clients. Everything is working. Should I migrate clients right away or can it wait?