Use external storage or home server with federation?

I’m looking at installing Nextcloud on a hosted VPS, but it does not have a lot of storage (too expensive). I would like to have most of my files on a home server and the VPS storing my frequently used files* and apps. Should I set up two Nextclouds and federate them, or have a different home server system that works as an external storage device?

  • There is a request on Github for caching #11839, this would be cool.

I have thought about this also. Haven’t tried myself yet, but would sshfs work? Mount your remote home server’s file system on the VPS?

You can have at home your own FTPS server and mount it directly to your VPS :wink:
Haven´t tested it myself, but could be a solution :wink:

Is there a “best practice” now for such scenario?