Use any language to develop NextCloud apps?

I’m new to Nextcloud. In one of the videos from latest (2023) Nextcloud event it was said that with Hub6 it’s now possible to develop apps in any language, e.g. Go, Python, node.js.
I can’t find more information about this. Where can I find information about the infrastructure architecture and details about the integration scenarios?

Thanks in advance

Hi @htammen :slight_smile:

I don’t have the response but, I think @Daphne can respond you :wink:

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Hi Helmut,
cool that you are interested in this! It’s an experimental project of my team.
The idea is that you can develop an external app in any language of your choice, using API’s.

The scope of features is limited but will be increased over time.
We now have the possibility to implement the following three features:

  1. notifications

  2. file action menu item

  3. talk bot

(other features are not yet supported. But we would be up for suggestions on GitHub.)

For each feature we made an example app.

python, file action menu and notification: To Gif Example - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

this app converts an mp4 to a gif

python, talk bot:

This app implements the Nextcloud assistant as a talk bot

python, file action menu:
(be aware, this app cannot be run on every instance, it is too large)
This app uses AI to increase the resolution of pictures.


May I suggest to have some generic suggestions:

  1. I was not able to find the best location to report questions/issues (as you suggested). There should be one location communicated.
  2. It would be nice to have an overview page of the API similar to the PHP API reference? (One point to discuss details in an issue!)
  3. A change log that one can register for notifications in some wayi would consider very forthcoming.


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Hi @Daphne,
thank you for the answer. I currently have a look at the resources you mentioned. After I understand how things fit together I will see if and how I can realize my ideas with NextCloud to suggest a perfect fit to my customers which are of public sector.
I will reach out to you again as soon as I’ve sorted my thoughts if you don’t mind.

BR Helmut

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i’m looking forward to your feedback! Please bear in mind it is still in an experimental phase so not everything will be perfect or production ready. Looking forward to your experiences with it so we can improve it maybe together.


The best place for general questions is the AppAPI repository itself.

We have discussions enabled there, so we can communicate freely in discussions or issues.

If you have specific questions or a desire to make applications in Python, then either the AppAPI repository for the general architecture questions or nc_py_api for the custom implementation.

We will be very grateful for any contributions to AppAPI project if someone has willing and time.

We write the documentation a little bit at a time, but since the project itself is still in the active development stage, there is no point in writing it in great detail, so as not to rewrite it in a circle.

There is no list of APIs that can be used yet; in theory, these are all OCS APIs, but there is no general list of them in Nextcloud.

@Daphne, to get a list of all the OCS APIs with OpenAPI, we should summon Kate here since she is the closest to its implementation and the best candidate to create it.

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Reply from Kate:

Here is incomplete list of OCS APIs:


I would like to investigate this topic but I don’t even get the AIO server running in a docker container. Before this is not running I will not spend time on other topics.
I already opened a ticket for that but haven’t got an answer (AIO shows only black screen).

Best regards

If you want to join the development of this project or start writing your own application using AppAPI, then there is nothing better for development than GitHub - juliushaertl/nextcloud-docker-dev: Nextcloud development environment using docker-compose

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