Use Amazon S3 at installation

I don’t see an option to specify S3 as primary storage during installation. Not with the Wizard or through the occ command line. Is there a best practice?

Process seems to be to do a generic install and then immediately update the config.php to add the S3 bucket. Is there a way to provide a fully coded config.php and have the install wizard use that to complete the install?

I just want to second this question. I found a way to install via occ install cmd and add s3 storage afterwards. But this will only work for accounts added after s3 was defined as primary storage, the admin account created during installation is useless. Any suggestions? Is there a way to use the autoconfig feature?

I only find documentation about this in NC 11 but you have to do this during installation manually in the config/config.php file:

Quite a few people trying to use this, perhaps you get together and share your experience and configs:

I think I ended up accomplishing the task with this comment, but I eventually realized I wanted to be able to use multiple buckets, so I stopped trying to futz with it.