USB HDD (ext4) only recognised as SDcard (vfat)

Hi Nextcloud

Thanks for great product

New NexcloudPlus imaged on external USB HDD.

Boot Raspi3, NC starts fine

Issue while moving data with nc-datadir on Raspi3 and USB HDD as only storage (no SD card !)

The nextcloud 13 does not recognise the ext4 partition as USB/ext4 but as a SD card, and wont move data.

Searched fora, found no clue
Can you help ?

Nippet of INFO page

|USB devices|sda|
|data in SD|yes|
|data filesystem|ext2/ext3|

Anyone ?

Although I could move the ncdata dir by hand, it seems to me that the product should properly detect USB, right.
Well it does not.

So whoever may have any suggestions, bring it on :slight_smile:


That check was added because people would move the datadir to the wrong place and then run out of storage. It is true that running the whole OS from USB works but there are things to adjust, mainly because that is not my setup.

Also, why would you need to move the datadir, if it is already in a USB drive?

Just to clarify, this is not a product, is a project to help people run by volunteers. As such, you are very welcome to help make these adjustments :wink:

O dear.
Well, deal.
If you share a hint in what part of the code NC determines the format of the storage, and displays it.
Ill see what a rookie can do.

|data in SD|yes|
|data filesystem|ext2/ext3|

Should become
|data in SD|NO|
|data filesystem|ext4|

Presumption is that under this condition ncdata will move the stuff. Check?


Here is the code that is preventing you to move

The info page is generated somewhere else

Thanks, Ill look into that too

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