URL to Force Browser to View PDF file with "PDF Viewer"

Question about URL formats for handling PDF Files.

Our NextCloud installation (v18) includes the apps “OnlyOffice”, and “PDF Viewer”

Suppose we have a file with object id 912345
For file URLs pointing to NextCloud items we have two main options.

Is there a URL format broadly comparable with BBB which will force the browser to load PDF Viewer?

We are keen to have links on other systems (eg website, wiki page) use the best possible option on first click as we are aware quite a number of users are operating from small form factor devices like phones.

If a user has displayed the folder with its list of files then if they click on a PDF file that opens in PDF Viewer automatically (which is quicker than OnlyOffice) - but I have not found a way of getting to that state via an incoming link.

Thanks in advance for all wisdom and feedback.

I think the url format isn’t really of relevance for the requested functionality. If you’ve installed a pdf viewer app in Nextcloud this will usually jump in and display the file, if not the browser decides how to handle pdf files, based on the mime type of the file and its configuration.