URL to a single calendars only

My team has so many shared calendars that it crowds my desktop and mobile clients. Is there a way for CalDAV to get one specific calendar only (just my personal one)?

I’ve tried all the URLs I can think of in the settings on my iOS devices, including the one from “Copy Private Link” in the browser. But no matter what I do, Nextcloud returns my personal calendar, plus all calendars anyone shares with me. It does not seem to make any difference if I do …remote.php/dav/principals/users/… or …/remote.php/dav/calendars/… etc.

I know I can unshare calendars, but I’d like to see them - just in the browser interface only.

Thanks for any tips!

I don’t know if understand right, but try to look into this screenshot (my interface is in italian language, look into yours…)

then copy and past entire calendar path:

I hope it helps you


Thank you, @danjde. I can cry that link, but that syncs my personal calendar AND any calendars other users have shared with me.

My problem is that no matter which calendar link I copy, from “Copy private link” or “Copy primary CalDAV address,” or “Copt iOS/macOS CalDAV address,” any link returns all calendars I am allowed to see on NextCloud. But I only want to sync a single calendar.

So what I am hoping exists is some URL that gets me my personal calendar, but not the calendars shared with me. I assumed the link from your screen shot, which results in a link like https://example.com/remote.php/dav/calendars/12345678-9abcdef1-23456789-abcdef12/personal/ would do it, but that still returns all the calendars.

Because if I take the specified URI, I obtain the single calendar.
Strange your URI too…



On the recent NC version the single calendar menu item is “copy private link”.

I hope it helps you