Uppercase routes?


is it possible to have a route uppercase?
I tried both here, but doesn’t seem to work:

return [
	//'resources' => [
	//	'user' => ['url' => '/Users']
	'routes' => [
		['name' => 'Users#index', 'url' => '/Users', 'verb' => 'GET']


It looks like routes should be case sensitive.

And implementations of this api looks like they are using the case:

And the api I’m trying to implement describes routes with uppercase:

Thanks for your help!

Ok, never mind, I was testing the wrong url…

So this is possible :slight_smile:

And this actually works:

	'resources' => [
		'user' => ['url' => '/Users']

Please note that it might be error prone depending on proxies, webservers and other things involved in the chain.
We heavily recommend to only use lowercase URLs.
If you want to ignore that recommendation you should at least make sure the URL is only used in one way and not both urls: /users and /Users are being used for different things.

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