Uploads are broken after Update to 20. Bad Request, Error 400

Hello everyone,
I’m facing a problem and I’m not enough of a pro to understand what others have been writing about this before.

I’m hosting an Instance of NextcloudPi on a Raspberry in my home. It’s connected to a hard drive for the data. After I set it up everything worked as it should but after I updated to version 20 the uploads stopped working. Either in the browser or with the WIndows-App or with the android app it doesnt work anymore.

The Windows App tells me that the connections were closed, the android app says “bad request” and in the browser there’s an info panel telling me about non matching byte sizes of the upload. (see screenshots)

Are there any things I could do? I can access the Pi via SSH but as I said, I’m not a pro and don’t really understand console magic but I think I’m outta luck with the front-end-solutions of the NextcloudPi system.

I’d be super happy for some help or hints into the right direction. :slight_smile:

Thanks in adavance, all the best,

I found these Errors in the log. Does that maybe ring a bell?

I had the same problem. But it looks like it’s gone now. I disconnected and reconnected my Nextcloud account in the Android app. Hope this will work for you too.

Thanks Gitaarik!

Unfortunatly this didnt do the trick for me. :frowning: