Uploading large files


I am trying to upload my laptop files to my Box (RPi 2, ‘original’ installation) and want to increase the file size limit

I have found this but when trying to find out where the nextcloud/.user.ini file is I found this which says, ‘Q: Can I change the PHP or Apache configuration? A: Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time’

Does this mean I cant upload files, say of 3GB?

The Web .local Admin Advanced Settings for File Handling says 10 GB in the box (max possible 2GB), but is greyed out and says, ‘Missing permissions to edit from here.’ I tried running Firefox with Sudo from terminal but this didn’t un-grey it out.

(How) can I increase this upload limit?

Where do you get that max possible 2GB from?

This will have no effect whatsoever

I never used a NC Box, so im not really sure. Can you edit php.ini? If so look at the following values like in the docs:
php_value upload_max_filesize = 16G
php_value post_max_size = 16G

If the greyed out box says 10GB, thats possibly true. But i have seen setups where thats not the case.

Note, that specific browsers have 2 or 4 GB limits, based on Browser and Systemarchitecture (32bit) and so on, even 64 bit browsers on 64 bit systems struggle with limits. The same Hard 4GB limit hits you if you use a webdav client. The syncclient however schould handle files of the size of your limit just fine (given that /tmp is at least as big as that limit.) because he chunks big files in smaller segments.

Please confirm that you are unable to upload files > 2GB by using the sync client.


It says ‘(max possible 2GB)’ next to the box

I couldnt find php.ini in the snap files - I wanted to do just the changes you suggested

The linux client fails when it tries to upload some large iso files of > 2GB

Do you happen to use a 32bit OS?
In 32bit PHP there is a stupid limitation which allows us to upload files at max 2GB.
In Nextcloud 13 it has been said that there will be a workaround for it, allowing bigger files to be uploaded.

Also, keep in mind, that PHP will always upload your files to a temporary folder first. This will most likely by /tmp/ by default. That means, if you this is located on the SD card, that you will probably wear out your SD card rather quickly.

To prevent this, you would have to change this in the php.ini as well - where ever this is located in the docker version.