Uploading existing file with UI doesn't provide options

i have noticed issues with updating existing documents using the UI where we used to get a dialog box with options whether to keep the old one or update etc.

Anyone else with same issue?

I am using NC 20, on stable20 from github

Here is the error message in the browser console:
main.js?v=64864097-27:1 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined
at Object._build (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at Object.init (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at e.fn.init.o.a.fn.octemplate (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at Object. (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at Object. (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at l (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at Object.Deferred.m.each.r. [as resolve] (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at Object.success (main.js?v=64864097-27:1)
at l (main.js?v=64864097-27:1) “data:” undefined