Uploading a windows folder to cloud

I just got started and installed a copy of “the other” cloud last night. Played with it trying to upload windows folder contents to cloud as a form of data backup. No app seems to be ther to do this.

NextCloud seems to be more robust… does it have such a feature? My daughter’s business uses a software package to track product movement… it needs to be safely stored “off site”. The cloud seemed to be a great way to accomplish this.

contact me if you have any answers please.


I’m assuming you want to sync the folder, in which case the Nextcloud desktop client can do this.

However it’s not designed to be a backup mechanism, so when things are changed locally they’ll change in the cloud too. Versioning can be used but deletes are replicated.

My daughter has a pawn shop. She bought software to track inventory, and pawn status. if lost this is horrible… no off site provisions by software co. So I figured using a cloud to store the files would be good… I would alternate between two folders and overwrite the two day oldest data with the fresh upload. Was going to use a cron job via Windows 7 to accomplish this…

Unfortunately the pawn software is unavailable in linux…


this cloud thing… isn’t a live update unless you’re constantly connected. I’d only invoke the cloud during backup, or restore.

The sync client is only if you want to distribute the same version to different clients. If it is just for backup, I would manually (or via cronjob) copy the data and push it directly via webdav. So if something fails on the client, you can get it from the server. If it is really important, you could also run a small backup script each evening and copy everything on a USB drive that you take home.