Uploaded photos are not showing up in the Nextcloud Photos app

The photos that I’m auto-uploading from my phone to a “Photos” directory in my Nextcloud root dir are not showing up in Nextcloud Photos. I get the empty state " No photos in here".

In the console I’m seeing the following error:

Error fetching timeline TypeError: p(...) is undefined
  getDirectoryContents                    directoryContents.js:58
  getDirectoryContents                    directoryContents.js:50
  promise callback*getDirectoryContents   directoryContents.js:50
  getDirectoryContents                    factory.js:244
  t                                       PhotoSearch.js:122
  c                                       runtime.js:45
  _invoke                                 runtime.js:271
  t                                       runtime.js:97

The stacktrace seems to show it’s photos-related, so I’m guessing that this might be the issue.

  • Nextcloud 18.0.4
  • Photos 1.0.0

How can I fix this, or debug it further?
Thank you!

Does it work on 18.0.7 ??

I’d have to upgrade my server to check this :stuck_out_tongue: If this is what you would recommend I’ll do it - just not sure if there was something else I missed

I think there were bugs in this version. Upgrade to 18.0.07 or 19.0.1 .

So I finally upgraded to Nextcloud 21 but this still doesn’t work.

For reminders, I’m uploading photos into a “Photos” folder and I can view them there, but not through the Photos app (I get “No photos in here”).

The error messages I’m seeing in the browser changed a bit between versions:

Screenshot from 2021-07-15 12-13-28

Hs anyone else ran into this? Am I missing something to use the Photos app?

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@robinmetral I’m seeing this as well. Did you find a solution?

Guys please open new threads, fill out the support template and share details about your installation type and configuration. Otherwise, this may help to make the Nextloud forum the most active forum in the self-hosted community, but at the same time it will be the one with the least resolved threads :wink:. Seriously, threads like this are absolutely not helpful and they do nothing except generate traffic.

Are you referring to the support template in github issues, or is there one for the forum?

The one of this forum.

And no it’s not a general issue. My photos are showing up in the Photos app. And it would be a pure coincidence if you had exactly the same problem as the other two users in July 21 and August 20. Also they didn’t provide any details either, so… ???

To follow up here, my issue ended up being a hidden .noimage file which i must have added at some point in the past to get the photos app (previously gallery app) to ignore photos - not sure why i had that in my root directory! :man_facepalming:

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