Uploaded photos are not showing up in the Nextcloud Photos app

The photos that I’m auto-uploading from my phone to a “Photos” directory in my Nextcloud root dir are not showing up in Nextcloud Photos. I get the empty state " No photos in here".

In the console I’m seeing the following error:

Error fetching timeline TypeError: p(...) is undefined
  getDirectoryContents                    directoryContents.js:58
  getDirectoryContents                    directoryContents.js:50
  promise callback*getDirectoryContents   directoryContents.js:50
  getDirectoryContents                    factory.js:244
  t                                       PhotoSearch.js:122
  c                                       runtime.js:45
  _invoke                                 runtime.js:271
  t                                       runtime.js:97

The stacktrace seems to show it’s photos-related, so I’m guessing that this might be the issue.

  • Nextcloud 18.0.4
  • Photos 1.0.0

How can I fix this, or debug it further?
Thank you!

Does it work on 18.0.7 ??

I’d have to upgrade my server to check this :stuck_out_tongue: If this is what you would recommend I’ll do it - just not sure if there was something else I missed

I think there were bugs in this version. Upgrade to 18.0.07 or 19.0.1 .

So I finally upgraded to Nextcloud 21 but this still doesn’t work.

For reminders, I’m uploading photos into a “Photos” folder and I can view them there, but not through the Photos app (I get “No photos in here”).

The error messages I’m seeing in the browser changed a bit between versions:

Screenshot from 2021-07-15 12-13-28

Hs anyone else ran into this? Am I missing something to use the Photos app?