Upload with Safari impossible

Hello together,
I can’t use the Safari-Browser for nextcloud-file-upload.
This is a general problem. Not only NextCloud, Typo3 for example has the same problem, so that I have to use another browser like Opera as a workaround.
The upload-button has in Safari no function. I think, this is a security-“feature” of Mac/iOS. And it is getting on my nerves more and more.
Is there a solution somewhere - something like giving Safari more rights to look on the harddisk?

Hi @NextCloudTester

Just tested it on macOS 11.6.2 and iOS (iPadOS) 15.2 and it worked without any issue. When i click on the +Sign in Nextcloud and then on “Upload file” it opens the Finder on macOS respective the file picker on iOS. So this is definitely not a general issue.

You can change the operating system e. g. to Linux :wink:
I think it is a Safari- and/or Security setting.

I do not use MacOS. But normally you can see in the developer settings of the browser (F12) the communications and perhaps some errors.
Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq

No I can’t - I won’t. That was no serious advice of you, no?
After handling PCs and Macs for 32 years I refuse, learning another Sh…Operating System and all the apps of it, when I finally only want to use a tool for some work.

Well - nevertheless it is the case with my MacBook that after clicking on the plus sign I still get the selection (Upload file / New folder / New text document), but 1 click on Upload file has no effect.
What can I do, who can I ask?
MacOS: 10.14.6, Safari: 14.0.1

This can also be a Javascript-problem or a problem with an outdated browser or operating system version.

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MacOS 10.14 aka Mojave is EOL / unsupported since October 2021 and the latest version of Safari is 15.something. If you want to use current web applications, you have to make sure that your OS and especially your browser is always up to date. And also for security reasons it is important to keep your OS and browser up to date.