Upload with name

Does anybody know a way how I can see who uploaded the pictures when just uploading pictures via a general link? Is there a possibility to ask for a name or something similar before the upload? I don’t want to give every uploader an account, that is too costly.
Or is it possible to email the upload link directly from the folder in the order, so that you can see who uploaded the picture via the email address?

Why don’t you use guest accounts for users who should upload files on a regular base?

Can you explain me how it will function or where do i find guests accounts?

That app should help you…

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When I create a guest, he gets an email with the approval, but how does he know his password? I can’t enter a password for him either.

But I do not want the individual guests to see the uploads of the others. The option “Upload only” is not selectable for guests.

Ah, i find it. That is too much and for my other doctores too difficult. Is like a regular account.