Upload via send-button not working after updating Android client to 3.14.1

Uploading files in Android client via send-button from gallery or file-manager is not working after update to client version 3.14.1.
After downgrade to 3.14.0 (via F-Droid) this is working again.

Uploading via β€œ+” button from Nextcloud client is working in both versions.

Thanks, the problem has already been addressed here:

Fix has been merged, 3.14.2 RC1 has been published on Google Play, planned stable release: this Friday :crossed_fingers:

Thank you, @Andy! Do you have any idea when this will hit F-Droid? …or who takes care of publishing to F-Droid?

Publishing is done by f-droid, e.g. @Bubu

Just checked again and 3.15.0 is available on f-droid