Upload only files drop?


I read about the Files-Drop feature here in the blog.

Is it available in the current (first) nextcloud release? How can I create such a file drop link to share?
I can’t find any option to do so…

Cheers, Jacky


yes it is available.

In the folder share dialoge you have a new option “Hide file listing”. If you check it, Users can only upload but don’t see the other files in the folder…


Thanks, but I don’t see this option. Do I have to enable something first?
I moved from latest OC to NC yesterday evening…

Ah, yes, I had to enable an option in the admin settings of nc (see below). Thanks a lot!

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Hello Jacky,

You have to check “bearbeiten erlauben” for that folder.

If that doesn’t work, check if in the administration panel “Öffentliches Hochladen erlauben” is checked.


I had to enable a setting in the Admin Panel (see post above). I didn’t know that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Boy was this well hidden - thanks for the info!

For non-German-speaking people finding this:

In Admin settings, under Sharing, enable “Allow users to share via link” and then “Allow public uploads”.

Then, when creating the share link, check “Allow editing”, which will show a new option which also needs to be checked: “Hide file listing”.

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I’m using Nextcloud 10 (Thank you!)

Is there anyway to share an upload link to someone who is not in the user database, i.e., a link with an expiration date that will allow an upload to a particular directory.


I figured this out… sorry for the trouble.