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I have uploaded a pdf file to a folder.
How can I upload and save a new version of this pdf file as a new version to this file?
At the moment I can only upload and safe the file with a new file name, but not as a new version.

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I’d like to enter the discussion with the same question.
In general - is here any mechanism to upload file with the existing name which ends with creation of new version but not duplicate of the existing file.

As was mentioned in other topic:

After you enable it, you will see Versions in “More” menu. Also please read more about settings of this App: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/16/admin_manual/configuration_server/config_sample_php_parameters.html#file-versions

gas85 - thx, but I’ve already red this several times.

If files stored on external storage for example and among them “1.txt” has already persisted. Someone decided to upload new file with the same file name - “1.txt” Will it cause the new file version creation?

If the existing file is known to NC already yes, the uplaod of a new fiel with the same name will trigger a new version to be created with the new file. However, if someone should overwrite the file on the external storage though other means, this may fail to create a new version, since NC didn’t have the chance to save the old file, before writing the new one.

Stephan Budach, couldn’t you recheck your statement plz?

Cause, in my case, window appears on the screen which offers only two options - save new one or preserve the old copy of file. If both option are checked - then name of uploaded file concatenates with suffix number.
Does it say what something going wrong with file versioning on our NC??

If you only check the save the new one, you will upload the new file and the old one becomes the latest previous version. I just did that to check…

Stephan Budach, wow man many thanks!

I’ve just tested it and it works) Hope this topic will be crawled by searching engine and information became available on the Internet.

Stephan, please help me understand something else. If I edited some known by NC file on the storage by text editor (let it be MS Excel) - will NC create new version in that case?

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No, it can’t. In order to be able to create a new version, the file has to be uploaded through NC’s APIs. If you operate on an external storage, or even on NC’s local data folder, bypassing NC’s APIs, then NC simply doesn’t have the chance to copy off the old file to a new version, before the new file gets placed onto the storage.

To make it simple: if you want to rely on NC’s version control app, you will have to only use NC’s tools for uploading or changeing files on the storage.


That seems quite reasonable) Thank you for attention to our little matter, there is no more questions!
That a pity, but I am unable to mark your answer as a solution…

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