Upload multiple folders error


I can no longer upload multiple folders, but I think it used to be possible, unfortunately I could not find anything about this. I am currently running version 28.0.2. When I upload several folders with drag and drop, only the one I drag in is uploaded. It is also not possible via the upload selection, but several subfolders are transferred without problems.
any ideas?

Nextcloud error (2)

Nextcloud error (3)

There is already a bug report for files (problem in Edge but not FF):

Regarding drag&drop, they changed a few things in 28.0.3 with this PR:

The release candidates for 28.0.3 are alrady out:

and the final release is planned for this week. Please try again, and if you still have the problem, check directly with the developers on github (leave a link for others to be able to follow up).


We’re running NextCloud Hub 7 (28.0.3) on a docker AIO solution.

The issue is still there. There’s no error message either, when this happens.

For files, we can drag many multiple items at once, no matter which browser, and it will upload all of the files.
For folders, it only works with Firefox. Not with Edge or Chrome.