Upload multiple files by sharing pictures to nextcloud


When I am trying to share multiple pictures or documents to nextcloud via mobile (+10) only a couple will upload. (click picture and share to…)
Are more people have trouble? any fix?

Thank you!

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Are you talking about uploading files or sharing files?


Thank you for your reply.

Uploading, let’s say you pick some photo’s from your album on you phone and click on the share button (like you would do for whats app) but instead you point to nextcloud and select a folder to upload in. That’s when it goes wrong, it only load 10 or so photos instead of all of them…

Greetz Maarten

Nobody else has this problem?


i have the same problem too.
I use a Nokia 3.2 phone with android 10 with the last update.

When I transfer many photos from my phone to nextcloud using the sharing function, only 5 files are transfered.
Even if I use my wifi connection.

The worst is that the files transfered are not the first five i’ve chosen.

Is there a solution to transfer all the selected files in one operation ?

Thanks for the help.

Can you use another nextcloud (e.g. 60 minutes nextcloud https://try.nextcloud.com ) to find the error on your nextcloud or on your smartphone.


Thank you for your reply.
I’ve just try to transfer 26 files for a total size of 6.52MB.
Only seven of them have been uploaded on the nextcloud instance you give me.
This is the username that the Nextcliud instance gave me to connect : oe69kHfqA8Z2wX4X

I’ve uploaded the files at 5:07 PM this day.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I seem to be having the same issue with the app. I select 5-7 photos and videos and only 1 or 2 get uploaded. This is with a new instance from the Docker image. It doesn’t seem to matter if I upload to an empty folder or to a folder with loads of photos and videos already.

I tried it on try.nextcloud.com and it seems a bit more gets uploaded but I’m still missing quite a few.

Has anyone found a solution for this?

I also do have the same problem on a Motorola g7, Nextcloud App-Version 3.16.1.

If I select multiple images for “sharing” to nextcloud only 1 gets uploaded. This happens when using the google fotos app.
I have just realized that it’s also App-dependent. When I do the same from google Files, 5 from 7 files will be uploaded. When I use the CamScanner app to upload 7 pdfs it works just fine.

Please fix this bug!! I am wondering that not more people are having troubles!

I am a new Nextcloud user, and I think it’s a fantastic platform! Appreciation to everyone involved.

But, I am still struggling with the same problem in June of 2022.

On my phone, I’ll select eight or 10 pictures to upload to my local Nextcloud server, but only three or four will actually show up on the server. I have tried two separate local Nextcloud server installations to see if the original server hardware was too slow to keep up with the data flow or something, but the problem persists even on beefy enterprise machinery. I don’t think I’ve been able to upload more than four pictures at once from any mobile device.

I don’t see an official Nextcloud response in the 2019 thread. Is this a recognized bug?

I think some more diagnostic info (configs, logs) would be needed to even start troubleshooting. I suggest starting a new support thread and providing all that info.

I can tell you it certainly doesn’t affect everyone. I can upload dozens at once from my phone with no issue.


I have a just instaled NextCloud and get same problems. With samsung phone i make 10 picures. Only 9 will be uploaded. The last 1 stays not synced. I can wait 10 minutes or half hour - nothing happens. But - if i make a new foto - both picures will be synced! At once!!! After this - same procedure 1 - photo - at once ! 1 or 2 or 8 picures - at once ! But 10 pictures - only 9 submitted.

I have the same problem. It is frustrating…
Nextcloud 25.0.2
Android App 3.23.1