Upload in WebUI hangs

since the upgrade to NextCloud 13 i got problems when i upload a folder with many files in it,
the upload just stops some time, mostly near the end when it says “a few seconds remaining”, but sometimes also (much) earlier. I could not find out why that is. The upload does not get finished correctly, some files are missing then.

I’m using Apache with NGINX reverse proxy. Timeout is set to 3600 for apache, and php. Max Upload is set to 1 G. I also set any and all possible nginx timeouts i could find to 3600. The folder i’m trying this with has around 150 MB, which would take me less than five minutes to upload.

I can’t find any helpful logs. The only messages i seem to get are these and i don’t even know if they’re related. They seem to happen when i try the uploads, but i can’t narrow them down to the exact point of the stop of uploading. By reading them it seems they are not related at all, as they talk from opening a collabora file and notifications.

There are no errors in the apache log.

I can use client software and apps to upload just fine, but don’t want to.

Noone got any idea? Anything i can provide?