Upload in background option missing

I recently switched my wife to iOS and after installing NextCloud the option to upload photos in the background is missing. I previously had this enabled on my iPhone which prompts the app to ask for gps permissions. Without this option, I can’t allow gps and my wife’s photos have stopped backing up while mine works as intended. Is there another way to enable gps permission for the app?

I have same issue. Just did a new instrall of Nextcloud home server and installed the app and te option is missing from the app. Has Apple f*cked us over and forced the removal of this from the app? Want people to pay for more icloud the a**holes.

I’m not sure that this has much to do with Apple, the developer had reasons for removing this code from the app. Other apps, like Google Photos still have a GPS option that uploads in the background. I was hoping to get an update soon that adds it back in. We will see.