Upload function

Hello, has anyone ever tried to use the upload function? I would like to use it but I can’t understand how it works. Thank you

Uploading files via the webinterface?

In files you have a circle with a plus in it. Press that and first option will be Upload file"

Thank you, but my problem is not on the interface.
I am developing Nextcloud locally and I would like to understand how it works and what functions to use to upload into source codes.

So developer guidelines? Upload an app to the app store?

No, it’s not that. The nextcloud is on my local server and I want to make changes to the source code and in fact, I need the upload function but I can’t locate where the function is because I found a lot of functions that are called upload. So that’s why I ask if anyone has already developed or modified the source code for an upload function. Thank you.

AH! Now it made sense! Thank you for the clarification.

Thank you to you. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to reply with comments.