Upload folder looses the upload permissions after some day - problem since 3 years

Upload folder looses the upload permissions after some day - problem since 3 years

I set a upload folder
I set it so files can be uploaded and not changed
I send a link to my customers
2 days later my customer tells me: Upload is not possibe
I check the rights and the folder has no more the set upload rights

I know this problem since years
my nextcloud is running on Linux Debian 9.13 / Plesk / PHP 7.23 and this problem exists constantly since 3 years

Plesk… I could not be less surprised, if this causes your problem.

Debian 9? EOL since July 22
PHP 7.2.3 EOL since October 20

Update your system or switch it off…


sounds like a car dealer:
“Your car is not working as we have a new model - trash the old and buy a new one”

As I told you: it never worked

You said: looses the upload permissions after some day

I said: Plesk does things…

And running a system after EOL - go for it…

What was changed exactly the owner/group of the file, the chmod?
If you know when these changes happen, you can find out who is doing it. The Nextcloud cronjobs run regularly, in the database, you can see which job was run most recently, so you might find the job responsible for that.
I don’t know Plesk if they perhaps check the permissions in the background as well.

You are running old software that is no longer supported, i.e. no longer receives security updates. I don’t think that’s funny at all.

And if someone tells you to upgrade your software, this has nothing in common with a car dealer, because no one is trying to sell you anything here, but for your own good, you should keep your software stack up to date.

Doesn’t really matter, becuse your whole software stack is completely out of date, and in some cases, like PHP, it’s even several versions behind of what a current Nextcloud version requires.

And honestly, since your current setup has never worked properly anyway, I wouldn’t even bother upgrading everything, and instead do a clean re-install of everything, using current software.