Upload filesize

hi !

i have a complete new installation on ubuntu 24.04 and im still having problems loading up bigger files… in parallel i have nextcloud on 22.04 and it works… i made all relevant changes in php.ini but istill get the failure

BadRequest Erwartete Dateigröße von 2194781021 bytes, 
aber 0 bytes gelesen (vom Nextcloud-Client) und geschrieben 
(in den Nextcloud-Speicher). Dies kann entweder ein 
Netzwerkproblem auf der sendenden Seite oder ein 
Problem beim Schreiben in den Speicher auf der Serverseite sein.

ciao gerd

OK, lets see:.
Could you provide the output of these commandlines please:

find /etc/php \( -name "*.ini" -o -name "*.conf" \) ! -type l | while read -r file; do echo "Filename: $file"; sed -E '/^\s*($|;|#|\[)/d;/=\s*$/d' "$file"; echo; done


grep php <(update-alternatives --get-selections)

and if your webserver is apache2

grep mpm <(sudo apachectl -M 2>/dev/null)

and if not, what webserver is in use?


hi !

i found the problem… it seems that in apache from 24.04 i have to set
LimitRequestBody option in config

cIao gerd