Upload files from admin to all users

I start a nextcloud version 21.0.0 in docker and invited 10 users to join the test program.
is there any ways for admin to upload a file to all users workspace ?
I find there is a “skeleton” , but put files in here only affected to new account.
I would like to upload a file maybe once in a month for all users, can I do so ?
These files will be slightly different for each user , so “sharing” is not a good way.
and I also try to just copy files to user’s data DIR in filesystem , but these files wont show up in user’s webui.

I think it is not possible.
a.) you can share a directory and the user copy the files to their storage.
b.) perhaps you can use Group folders

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I think I find the solution from here.
Adding files to Nextcloud using the command line

since there’s a command to reindex , then it’s ok to upload individual files for different users from admin in file system with occ command , what a good job !

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