Upload fail nextcloud on Pi4

I have nextcloud in docker on a Pi. I dont find the nextcloud data… It is not in /var/…
The upload is forbidden, new folder cannot be made.

Hi, depends how you install and run it.
So not enough info to tell.
Can always run:

sudo apt install locate
sudo updatedb
sudo locate /data/nextcloud.log

Thanks for the quick reply. I managed it in the meantime. And did not have to edit that file…

How do I manage to see my stored photos? They are appearing good in windows from the external drive but through the nextcloud in the browser they seem to be corrupted. (through ios/android as well…)

Hm… then it looks like you are experiencing Nextcloud Version 21 … All files Corrupt When Downloading - #4 by szaimen
(there you can find a workaround)

Thanks for your reply. I did replace the icewind folder but id did not help. (pi was restarted)

It somehow got ok. Photos are good but now the audio player got tested and it faild…Cannot play songs…

Photos cannot be opened…

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