Upgrading via docker-compose 13.0.0 to 13.0.2

No matter what I do via docker-compose I’m unable to get my Nextcloud instance to upgrade to 13.0.2. I can see in the app Dockerfile it’s pulling from “nextcloud:apache” which I have traced back to here:

Which has “NEXTCLOUD_VERSION 13.0.2” set in the Dockerfile. I’ve tried to do a build and even went as far as removing the local containers, volumes and running a system prune to force it pull down all new data. I even went on the app container to try to see if I could run an occ upgrade but that gave me an message saying I was already at the latest version. Any idea what I am missing to get upgraded to the latest version?

My docker-compose is modified but believe was originally based on this one:

Thanks for your help

Any ideas? Thanks,

I have the same problem updating from 13.0.5 to 13.0.6 today.

I used the description for docker-compose from the readme:

docker-compose build --pull
docker-compose up -d

This updates all containers but when it is back up running, it still sais 13.0.5.

Maybe it is already upsdated but just the config value is not updated in the config because it is in the outside volume?


as far as i would understand the idea of “docker” it’s up to the maintainer to update it properly. so you better wait for it to be updated rather than updating it yourself.
could end up in data-loss and incompabilities

these guys


use watchtower to update the container automatically


example docker file here:


I thought this already happened? Because there is a release 13.0.6 in the docker-repository too:

maybe the image “latest” is not updted to the new version yet?

from the outside this seems to be true. as i don’t run docker i can’t tell… so if it’s already officially updated i’d suggest to wait a few days…

@docker hub it’s 13.0.6 already.

in the docker-compose file you posted at te beginning it’s 13.0.2


this seems to be worth to file an issue on GH

What should we file there?
Or did someone already?

To me the problem is not clear.