Upgrading Nextcloud v27.1.9


I have a Nextcloud instance v27.1.9 running. The goal is to update this instance to version 29.
The question is: How to perform the manual update process?)

  1. Update from version 27.1.9 to version 28.0.0, and then updating with all the point releases until V28.0.5, finally upgrading to v29.0.0.
  2. Update from version 27.1.9 directly to the latest point release of version 28 (v28.0.5). Then finally upgrading to version 29

The reason for asking is, that the documentation mentions NOT to skip any point releases before upgrading to the next major release. (major release = version x.x.0?)
When I look in the NC instance I can see that there is an update available to v28.0.5

I only run manual update processes to have a better control on the update.
Thanks for sharing your experience and effort.

That’s the way to do it.

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The instance has been updated successfully to v28.0.5

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