Upgrading from ownCloud-8.2 to Nextcloud-11.0

I’m currently running an ownCloud-8.2.9 server in production, and a Nextcloud-11.0 server for testing and evaluation. The plan at this point is to upgrade and migrate our production server to Nextcloud-11.0.

My biggest gripe about ownCloud upgrades has always been the length of time it takes to do the upgrade, in particular the amount of time it takes to upgrade our large oc_filecache mysql table which currently has about 30,000,000 rows. It’s at the point now that an upgrade takes many hours to complete, during which time our ownCloud service is unavailable to users, and this is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Given the jump I’m considering now from oc-8.2.9 to nc-11.0, I’m wondering whether we’re faced with three upgrades: oc-8.2.9 to nc-9, then nc-9 to nc-10, and finally nc-10 to nc-11. Or is it possible and recommended to upgrade directly from oc-8.2.9 to nc-11?

Regardless of whether I can do the upgrade in one step or three, does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can get a single upgrade of oc/nc done much more quickly, given the size of our filecache?

One alternative is to start with a new installation of nc-11 and rebuild oc_filecache with an occ files:scan, but we will lose all share meta-data. I don’t suppose someone out there has developed a way to dump oc_share and oc_share_external tables from an old oc version and import that into a newer oc/nc version?

Any advice on improving our Nextcloud upgrade speed will be greatly appreciated!


[religion] so first you should go with a real RDBMS. PostgreSQL looks like a nice choice.[/religion]

Then you can just dump the database, move it to another database server, run the upgrade there, and later put it back with the new version of nextcloud. That should work as long as you know what you’re doing.

You could also delete the old versions of the files first. That should lower it a bit…

Besides that: get faster/bigger hardware and assign the SQL Server more memory and more computing power in case it’s a virtual machine. When it comes to SQL servers memory can only be replaced with more memory and cpu power can only be replaced with more cpu power… Same goes for all other hardware.

I don’t think there’s the one stop update. On the other hand: What prevents you from setting up a clean owncloud 8.x installation in a vm and just try to upgrade DIRECTLY to 11.0? Or try to ditch a few steps on your way there. As far as I understand ditching even one step would save you hours.

Alternatively get a fast VM with some of the common cloud providers like Amazon or Digital Ocean and convert there.


@Grimeton - thanks for the feedback!

I should have followed up sooner but forgot to do so until I saw your response.

I ended up doing the upgrades a couple of weeks ago and all went very smoothly.

I upgraded from ownCloud-8.2.9 to Nextcloud-9.0.56 to Nextcloud-10.0.3 to Nextcloud-11.0.1, and we’ve been happily operating with Nextcloud-11.0.1.

Only the upgrade from oc-8.2.9 to nc-9 was slow like I had experienced in the past with previous versions. The subsequent upgrades to nc-10 and nc-11 were much quicker.

All this is on an kvm virtual machine with 32GB ram and 8 cpu cores running Centos-7.3 system with MariaDB-5.5.2.
I also upgraded from php-5.x to php-7.1 before the nc-10 to nc-11 upgrade.

Once the dust settles and I have some time to spare, I’d like to get involved with Nextcloud development. I already have some informal ownCloud dev experience as we’ve been running a custom user_external app for the past few years with ownCloud, and that is still running fine now with Nextcloud-11.