Upgrading fom Owncloud 10.11 to Nextcloud 25.0.3 hosted by IONOS failed (blank pages, HTTP 403)

For years, I was happy with running OC 10.11 using PHP 7.4 on a small website hosted by IONOS (formerly 1&1). IONOS kept prompting me to migrate to PHP 8.1, so I wanted to get this done as soon as possible.

Over the last few months, I was able to update all the other applications on my website so that they were ready for the PHP version flip, the last application to tackle was OC 10.11, which (as we all know, requires an update to NC 25.0).

After the usual preparation (backups of config, data and database; disabling 3rd part apps such as calendar), I followed the steps in https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/stable/admin_manual/maintenance/migrating_owncloud.html and https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/stable/admin_manual/maintenance/manual_upgrade.html.

I figured out how to run the steps “occ” - SSH to the server, using my SFTP information, and using php7.4-cli, and happily followed all the steps. The one thing that failed was the

chown -R www-data:www-data nextcloud

because of “permission denied”. All the directories and files are still owned by ftpusers. With the wrong ownership, all HTTPS requests to the instance returnd HTTP status code 403, so all the browser was showing was a blank page.

My solution to this was to

find nextcloud/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find nextcloud/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;

to give the r-x permission to www-data.

And, of course, change PHP to 8.1 once all the upgrade steps had been completed.

Let me know if you faced the same and this worked for you. Also let me know if you solved it a better way. Thanks.

The documentation is for self hosted servers and not for webspaces. In a webspace environment you do not have permission to change the rights. There are hundreds or thousands of users and you are not root to change the right e.g. to www-data. Sometimes - if you have shell access - you can execute the commands without the sudo -u www-data command e.g. php ...

Maybe you are interested in real IONOS Managed Nextcloud Hosting:

You can get a Managed Nextcloud with 500 GB for 6 Euro a month. With Collabora Online you must pay a few extra Euro. But there are other hoster around the world.

Due to the security it makes no real difference to have a web space with Nextcloud or a Managed Nextcloud. The provider has access to the data in both cases.

The advantage of a Managed Nextcloud is that the provider takes care of the updates. But you keep control over the apps and the data (user, sharing, …).

Problem with Ionos’ hosted Nextcloud is: as of today you’re sticking with 24.0.7 from Nov 2022. That’s not even within the 24-branch close to “up to date”. Updates let alone upgrades come very late if at all.

Support of Nextcloud 24 ends with this April 2023. But also MagentaCLOUD free 3 GB is on that release. Maybe they backport errors if needed. Then it is ok. Also professional Nextcloud have longer releases. For newer version host it on your own or change the provider.

Support of Nextcloud 24 ends with this April 2023. … For newer version host it on your own or change the provider.

OP asked for help installing NC25 on an Ionos Webspace and the advice was to use the Ionos Managed Nextcloud Hosting instead. Just wanted to add my experience with Ionos.

As of today they are is still on 24.0.7 btw.

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