Upgrading All Clients from Owncloud to Nextcloud

I have a server that has been moved over to Nextcloud and I have lots of clients, close to 100.

It seems to work; the owncloud client is sync’ing the nextcloud server.

But, what is the proper procedure here?

I assume the owncloud client will soon not work at all?

I’ve seen some topics on this, but there was a manual copy/paste of some config files; does this still apply? It just not as simple as just installing the Nextcloud client over the owncloud client?

Since it is a different application the configuration file will be saved in a different location. If you want to migrate to the NC client you could do the steps in this post:

Right, I 've seen that howto; thanks, but it’s a manual process. Do you think in the future, Nextcloud will detect this previous owncloud config and use that?

Do we know how long the owncloud client will work? Is it something imminent or will it work for a while?

In your case I would write a script to automate as much of this process as possible. The clients I manage are Windows based, so I wrote a VBScript that upgrades ownCloud to Nextcloud and automatically copies the configuration. I’m sure a linux/mac script would be similar.

All my clients are Windows users, well 98%, but I don’t want to use a script, cause I really want the users to do this themselves, but I can’t present a script to them. I would rather like the Nextcloud download to automatically replace owncloud, that is, removing owncloud and using its configuration file, atleast as an option when installing

I think I understand. I’m not sure how a script is any more difficult to execute than an exe, but the way I have it set up is that you drag the Nextcloud installer on top of the vbscript, and it takes care of the rest. So basically a one click process, couldn’t get much easier even if it was built into the installer.
I would share the script here, but I need to spend a little time removing confidential business info from it first. Maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

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