Upgraded PHP now site doesn't load

So long story short, I wanted to update my server to PHP 8.3 since Nextcloud 28 is suppose to support it. Tried to follow a bunch of guides on how to do it and doing so also removed ver. 8.1 So as it is installed now my site doesn’t load anymore. Attached image is what comes up now. Been searching for hours n hours on how to fix it but I am at a total loss now, anyone got any ideas??

Any help would be appreciated as I’d rather not start from a fresh install and loss all my data

Did you also disable the PHP 8.1 and anable the PHP 8.3 modules in the Apache/NGINX configuration - if both exist?

Maybe this might help:

Yeah I did and I actually already read that post

We can’t help you if you don’t tell us your setup.


  • What OS distribution?
  • Are you using mod_php or PHP-FPM?
  • How, precisely, did the deploy the PHP upgrade?

I fixed it, when and how not sure. I realized after awhile that my app on my phone was working fine, just wasn’t loading on a web browser. The fix was to clear the cache and data on my browser and like magic it works again.

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