Upgrade version 20.0.7 to the latest release

hello guys,
just a simple question.
What is the correct way to upgrade the old version 20.0.7 to the latest release
of the application?
I need to do the manual uprade in our enviroment (centos internal server).
So I should start with the " latest-21.zip" and then go on with every full version (22 → 23 → 24) and so on?
Can you tell me which version we should just use with PHP 8?
Thanks in advance for your support and experience.

Maybe you need first update to Nextcloud 20.0.14. And at some point you’re bound to destroy your system. :grinning:

The real question is whether you need other content from your Nextcloud in addition to files. So calendar, contacts, shares, deck, …?

If no (or calendar and contacts at most), then you can proceed as follows.

  • Export calendar and contacts (optional)
  • Back up all data (preferably the entire Nextcloud)
  • Install Nextcloud 29
  • create and configure users
  • Import calendar and contacts (optional)
  • Manually in linux (cp, rsync) copy data back into the structure

and then, very importantly, make the files known to Nextcloud.

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all


29 Hub 8 2024-04-24 2025-04 29.0.1 (2024-05-23) 29.0.2 (2024-06-06)

20 Hub 2020-10-03 2021-11 20.0.14 (2021-11-11) End of Life

Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub


thanks for your response.
Yes I need the other content like calendar entries, contacts…
So what do you recommend?

Thanks in advance

If you need more than data, calendar and contacts you must upgrade all version. Make a backup.

If I only needed data, calendars and contacts, I would probably install Nextcloud 29 on a small test system first and see if I could import the files, calendars and contacts there. If that works and is sufficient, it is far easier to set up a new system than to carry out all updates and change the operating system version and PHP version at the right time, for example.