Upgrade to the latest is not avaialble

Currently I’m running version 27.1.5 and there is 28.0.0 out there, however my instance say that I have the latest version.

Why it’s not seeing release 28?

Hi @ibahnasy

With new major releases, they usually do a staged roll-out, i.e. it can take several weeks until all users are offered the update via the integrated updater.

See also here: Nextcloud Hub 7: advanced search and global out-of-office features

Get Nextcloud Hub 7


Over the coming weeks we will make it available to our home users via updater using the usual staged roll-out. If you can’t wait you can switch to the beta channel temporarily. Don’t forget to switch back to stable after you updated to Hub 7!

Because it is rolled out in Stages und stable chanels normaly get the x.0.1 Version…

You can take a chance using the Beta channel, there you can install it. I prefer to wait for x.1