Upgrade to Nextcloud 28.0 getting WebDAV interface seems to be broken

Immediately after completing the upgrade from Nextcloud 27 to Nextcloud 28 which just became available via the Stable channel, I get the following Error Message:
“Your web server is not yet properly set up to allow file synchronization, because the WebDAV interface seems to be broken.”

OS Version is Rocky Linux 9.3.
PHP Version 8.2.13
Apache Verion 2.4.57

Searching the topics, this issue appears to have cropped up on updates in the past but I am unable to determine what is causing the problem in this case.

Forgot to add - messages like this are repeating in the log:

QueryNotFoundException Could not resolve OCA\GroupFolders\Helper\LazyFolder! Class “OCA\GroupFolders\Helper\LazyFolder” does not exist

PS. Disabling the Group Folders App causes the error to go away but I do need Group Folders.

In the meantime I have backed out the upgrade by restoring a backup of the virtual machine.

If you find regressions with an app, it is the best to report it directly to the developers: Issues · nextcloud/groupfolders · GitHub

Unfortunately, I’m not as lucky. Backing out isn’t as easy under FreeBSD.

Yesterday my Poudriere package update build pulled in 28.0.0 and now I see the same error.

When I attempt to access my files I see “No files in here”

Nextcloud version: nextcloud-php81-28.0.0
Operating system and versionFreeBSD RELEASE 13.2-p8
nginx version: nginx-1.24.0_14,3
PHP version : 8.1.26_1

P.S. NC 27.1.4 was working correctly.

Can I (manually) downgrade to NC 27.1.4 after having run

sudo -u www php /tank/www/nextcloud/occ -vvv upgrade

against NC 28.0.0?

Well, that can’t be done:

sudo -u www php /tank/www/nextcloud/occ -vvv maintenance:repair

An unhandled exception has been thrown:

OCP\HintException: [0]: Downgrading is not supported and is likely to cause unpredictable issues (from to ()

Given the issue with the Group Folders App mentioned above, I started looking at my Apps.

Indeed, it was another App: In my case Recognize. I don’t need it, so I disabled and then removed it. Now I’m seeing all my files again.

Before version 28.0.0, I also saw an error message due to Recognize failing to install (a possible permissions error), when running

sudo -u www php /tank/www/nextcloud/occ -vvv upgrade

but there were no resulting code 500 errors for WebDav.

Same here; WebDav not working after installing NC 28.0.0 on a Debian 12 Proxmox LXC container. I can’t drag and drop files from my Desktop to NC, or vice versa. I’m assuming that’s Webdav.

Is this just with webdav or as well over the web-interface? Anything in your logfiles? The package manages as well the vhost config for nginx? Do you use groupfolder, that was the original post. If not, it’s better to open a new topic with more details.

Logs? Groupfolder? Anything in common with the original post?

Until I removed the Recognize App, this was true for all interfaces, i.e. the macOS desktop/iOS apps and the web interface.

If you check the details of the app or in the app store, you can find a link to the bug tracker. There you can submit a bug report and they can look into it.

Actually it’s the file drag and drop feature not working with NC 28… seems to be a known issue. Will wait this one out.

Recognize v6 has been released in the meantime which should fix this

Just a note re my initial problem with the upgrade. The Group Folder app dev told me that the missing folder it is complaining about isn’t used with Nextcloud 28 and Group Folders 16.0.2. I was able to fix the problem by restarting the server web services. I suspect that php-fpm had something cached from the old version.