Upgrade to 15.0.8 : invalid extra files

I’m trying to upgrade from 15.0 to 15.0.8 via the web Updater but receive folowing errors

  • Check for expected files

The following extra files have been found:

  • Jwlsjd_woiqusjfx.php
  • oihfoe09fposf.php

What are these files ?
It looks like they are not present in my current v15.0 installation

Thanks for any help or clue.

Navigate to the location of the files, open it and check the content of it. Maybe you get an idea what their purpose is. The file names seem to be random and definitely not part of the standard Nextcloud package.
Next I would move the files to a directory outside of the Nextcloud root and trigger the the security scan again.

I found these two files under a roundcubemail installation, so obviously nothing related to my Nextcloud installation.
I renamed / moved these two files … but got same error from the Nextcloud updater.

By default the previous status is shown on the status page. You might need to trigger a new scan manually by clicking on the relevant key word in the message.

It doesn’t work.
The two mentionned files does not even exist anymore (as I deleted them) but still appears as unexpected files and so block the upgrade process.

Error is :
The following extra files have been found:

** Jwlsjd_woiqusjfx.php*
** oihfoe09fposf.php*


On the command line :

cd /var/www
sudo find . -name ‘oihfoe09fposf.php’
then I simply deleted the located file.

Repeat this with the other file.

I re-started the upgrade … and it works fine.
Upgraded 15.0 to 16.4 … Ok